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tulsa divorce, tulsa divorce attorney, tulsa divorce attorneysA prospective client recently asked me ‘Mr. Ingham, what is your win – loss record?’ After thinking about it for a few seconds, I told him ‘no clue’. His question caused me to start thinking about client perspective.

A lot of people misinterpret what it means to be a divorce attorney. Television has skewed our perception of the legal profession. We the members of the tv watching public, tend to view divorce attorneys as being ‘cut throat’ and ‘shark like’. This misperception is inaccurate. Maybe in New York City divorce attorneys use ‘cut throat’ tactics. Maybe in Las Vegas or Los Angeles divorce attorneys use ‘shark’ tactics, but here in Tulsa County Oklahoma, if a divorce attorney is caught using ‘cut throat’ tactics, the Judge is going to laugh that attorney out of the court room.

Four hundred and fifty (450) divorces are filed each month is Tulsa County alone. About twenty (20) divorces are filed each month in each one of the surrounding counties (Creek, Pawhuska, Rogers, Wagoner, Okmulgee, etc.) With that many divorces being filed each month, you can see the need for hiring a divorce attorney who knows how to negotiate a favorable settlement outside of the court room.

As a general rule of thumb, a good divorce attorney knows how to win inside of the court room, but a great divorce attorney knows how to negotiate a favorable settlement outside of the court room.

If you need a Tulsa Divorce Attorney, make sure you contact me and my staff today at our website by clicking here… or by calling us at (918) 591-2566.

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