Tulsa Divorce Attorneys – How To Stay Healthy During Divorce

Divorce is a process that can be lengthy.  We see no reason to sugar the reality of the matter: divorce CAN BE a process that is lengthy. Because of this, we have written several articles that are posted here on our website about divorce, divorce litigation, and how you can better cope with the rigors of the process.  In addition to the other articles, we have posted this article.  In this one we will discuss in some detail how to stay healthy during divorce.

Again, divorce is a process and it can be a lengthy process.  Our hope is that your divorce is an exception in that it will be uncontested, short and sweet from beginning to end.  Just in case your divorce is not one of the exceptions, we recommend that you prepare yourself mentally for the long haul.  In other words go ahead and prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically just in case your divorce is going to be a long process.

From a ‘health’ perspective, balance is everything IN LIFE.  From a ‘health’ perspective, balance is everything IN DIVORCE as well.  In order to maintain balance during divorce we recommend that you maintain a healthy diet from the outset of the divorce process.  Additionally we recommend that you exercise on frequent occasion.  The exercise does not have to been extremely rigorous and it does not have to lengthy.  Instead the exercise needs to be just intense enough and just often enough that it provides you with a release.

Next we recommend that as part of your effort to maintain balance during divorce that you set some time aside for yourself.  As part of the time set aside for yourself be sure to enjoy some leisure time.  Leisure time can include reading a good book, golfing, attending a concert, and more.  How you choose to enjoy your ‘you time’ depends entirely on your personal preferences.

Lastly, in addition to maintaining balance during divorce, we recommend that you find a way to cope with the strong emotions of divorce.  Keep in mind that divorce is an emotional roller coaster and it is going to be very taxing on your emotions.  We recommend that during divorce and even after the divorce that you meet with a professional counselor so that you are able to ‘vent’ and talk through the personal issues that are caused by divorce.  Professional counselors are a very valuable resource and chances are high that your community has at least a handful of reputable, affordable counselors for you to choose from.

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