Tulsa Divorce Lawyers – 33 Point Check List

tulsa divorce, tulsa divorce attorney, tulsa divorce attorneysFinding a great divorce lawyer at a reasonable price can be hard.   But do not worry, below is a 33 point checklist that we hope you will use as a guide.  We suggest that you read the 33 point checklist and then apply the information shared below to your divorce situation.  By doing so you will be able to more smoothly navigate the process:

How Do I Find A Divorce Lawyer?

__ Talk with your family, friends, colleagues and ask them for a referral
__ If you know a doctor, lawyer or accountant, ask them for a referral
__Internet Search
__Contact your local bar association
__If your region has a lawyer referral service, contact them.
__Look in the yellow pages
__Contact your local law school and ask about a legal aid clinic

What Qualities Do I Look For In A Divorce Lawyer?

__ Always on time for meetings
__ Approachable
__ Easy to contact
__ Eager to help you out
__ Gives sound honest, straight forward advice
__ Easy to work with
__ Open-minded and listens to your opinion
__ Reasonably-priced

What Questions Do I Ask The Lawyer?

__ How long have you been practicing?
__ What are your credentials and other qualifications?
__ Is divorce and child custody your area of expertise?
__ How many divorce and child custody cases have you handled?
__ How many cases are you handling at the moment?
__How much experience do you have litigating cases in the court room?
__ How many clients do you previously and currently have?
__ What is your success rate?
__ Can you explain to me how the divorce process works?
__ What do you think about my case?
__ How do you charge your clients—hourly or a one-time flat fee?
__ Do you require a retainer fee?
__ How much do you think my case will cost?
__ Do you charge miscellaneous expenses? If so, what are they?
__ What is your minimum fee for a 15-minute phone call?
__ Will there be other lawyers and professionals working on my case?
__ How long do you think it will take until my divorce becomes final?
__ Can you give me some reliable references to your previous clients?

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