The United States Of America is THE free country in the world today. It is befitting that on the 4th day of July each year we celebrate our country’s birthday. On that day, in the year 1776, our founding father’s convened at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to sign the Declaration Of Independence.

As history has taught us, the signing of the Delcaration Of Independence was just the beginning of our country. In the decades after 1776, American citizens had to fight a war (The American Revolution) in order to free our country from the control of foreign leaders. Shortly after the American Revolution, the first Congress convened and a centralized government was established. Once the government was established, our country soon began to prosper.

Many of the founding fathers who signed the Declaration Of Independence played key roles in our early government. Below is a list of three of those founding fathers and a brief description of their acts of public service:

Benjamin Franklin: Although never elected President, Benjamin Franklin is one of the most well known public servants in early American history. During the 1750’s he served as a member of the Pennsylvania Legislature. In 1757, he was to serve as ambassador to Great Britain. Shortly after the signing of the Declaration Of Independence in 1776, he was appointed ambassador to France.

Benjamin Franklin helped draft the Declaration Of Independence. In his home state of Pennsylvania he developed the first postal system, the first public library sytem, and the first fire department. His improvements were soon adopted by civic leaders in other states.

Thomas Jefferson: The leading drafter of the Declaration Of Independence, Thomas Jefferson later served as governor of his home state of Virginia (1779-1780), minister to France (1784), Secretary Of State under President George Washington (1789-1793), and he was later elected Vice President under President John Adams. In 1800, Thomas Jefferson was elected President Of The United States.

During his Presidency, Thomas Jefferson’s most notable contribution to our country’s future prosperity was the purchase of the Louisiana Territory. The Jefferson Administration purchased the Louisiana Territory from Napolean Bonaparte for the microscopic sum of 11.25 million dollars. The purchase of the Louisiana Territory paved the way for American expansion westward and more than doubled the size of our country.

John Hancock: As president of the Continental Congress, John Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration Of Independence in 1776. During the American Revolution he took up arms, leading an army of over 5,000 soldier’s against an enemy stronghold in Rhode Island.

In 1780, John Hancock served as president of the Massachusetts Convention which later promulgated the State’s Constitution. He served nine terms as governor of the state of Massachusetts between 1780 and 1793. Tulsa Divorce Attorneys